5 Ways to Improve Your Curb AppealContact for a Free Quote

When you own a home in Texas, you want your landscape to look fabulous to all that are passing by. Whether you are selling your property or you just want to make the neighbors jealous, curb appeal does matter. When it comes to Texas landscaping, there are a lot of ideas and tricks out there to make your home stand out. Here are 5 essential curb appeal techniques that you can get started on today.

Take your mailbox up a notch

At Mike Riley’s Landscaping, mailboxes are more than just a place to collect letters and magazines. A beautiful stone mailbox can really do wonders for the way the rest of your Texas landscaping is perceived. Plus, it’s one of the first things that people will see when they look at your home and yard. Make a lasting impression with your mailbox, and you’ll love admiring it every time you pull in your driveway.

Use lawn ornaments sparingly

There are some very impressive lawn ornaments available and it can be hard to pass up all of the gnomes, flamingos, birdbaths, and stone statues that we see. However, during your Texas landscaping project, be sure that you don’t go overboard. Just pick a few of your favorite lawn ornaments that provide lovely accents to your yard. There is no need to have twenty different objects scattered across the lawn. Too many decorative ornaments can distract people from seeing the other beautiful elements of your Texas landscaping.

Repair your driveway

You might not think about the look of your driveway too often, but when you are trying to improve your curb appeal in Texas, be sure that you spend a little time in this area. Check for any cracks or blemishes that can distract from the design of your home and landscape. Try something new like multi-colored paver stones, or choose a custom stone. Your local Texas landscaping company can help you select the best looking stone driveway for your project.

Add a splash of color

By adding flowers and plant life to your lawn, you can incorporate the perfect amount of color that makes your landscape pop. Use flowers and plants that can withstand the weather of your region. If your grass is not performing well this year, then it might be time to sod and grass the trouble spots. Once you have selected the plant life, then paint your shutters or front porch a complimentary color.

Bring in a professional

If you’re unsure about the best methods and landscape designs to improve your curb appeal, then don’t hesitate to contact Mike Riley’s Landscaping. Having a professionally groomed landscape can add thousands of dollars onto the value of your property. Plus, we can give you insider tips on how to maintain the fresh look of your curb appeal after the work is done. When you bring in the experts, not only will you save yourself a great deal of time, but you’ll have one of the best looking lawns in your community.