6 Ways to Make Your Patio Stand OutContact for a Free Quote

Nearly every homeowner has a patio attached to the back or side of their home. Most are very simple or standard but still serve their purpose of offering an outdoor space to dine in or partake in other outside activities. If you want to bring your patio to life and give it a new purpose, read on to see six ways to alter your patio to make it stand out or have a new purpose.

Install a Fireplace or Fire Pit

Installing a fireplace or fire pit in your patio area is a quick and easy way to help your patio stand out while making it more functional during different parts of the day and year. If you like to be outside in the morning or evening but find it a little chilly, then having a new source of heat while outside can remedy the situation. Fireplaces and fire pits also provide a central area to gather with family and friends.

Add Furniture

Having places to sit while alone or with others is essential to enjoying your patio as a new living space. You may not need a lot of furniture to sit or recline in, but a few seating areas can be the biggest difference between a space you enjoy or not.  Add in dining tables or coffee tables to accompany your seating arrangements for outside dining, table-top activities, and more.

Build a Pathway

Building a pathway through your patio can help segregate different areas of your patio. A pathway can enhance the visual beauty while also giving purpose to different areas of the patio that the path leads to.

Include Carpets or Rugs

Simply adding carpeting or rugs to your patio can make your outdoor space feel extra homey for you and your guests. Having a soft floor to walk around on can help you feel at ease, and you won’t need to worry about stepping on sharp or jagged rocks that may be present in your patio if you are barefoot.

Cover Your Patio with a Roof or Natural Shade

If your area is prone to heavy rainfall or you just want to get out of the hot sun, then covering your patio can be an excellent way to make it stand out. You can either have a roof constructed or utilize preexisting trees and plants to add natural shade to your environment.

Add Lighting

Adding sources of light to your patio area will not only increase visibility during the darker times of the day, either in the morning or at night, but it will also add a unique ambience that you can’t get inside. You can use either electrical or natural sources of light, such as solar lights or flame torches, to help your patio area stand out. Having light in your patio will also allow you to stay in your patio later at night by yourself or with friends and family.

There are many ways to make your patio stand out to your neighbors and visitors, and we hope that these ideas help spur your imagination to make your patio unique. If landscaping in Dallas is important for you and your home, we encourage you to reach out to us at Mike Riley’s Landscaping to see what we can do to bring your patio to life.