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Keeping your lawn in order is a tough job. Thankfully there are many different tools at our disposal that help us do this. One of these tools is the French drain. The idea for the French drain has been around since the 1800s when Henry French made the first one out of roofing tiles. Two hundred years later, they are still in use (although now most people use pipes). The basic idea behind a French drain is that a pipe is laid down in a trench to catch water, which can then be sent to wherever you like. Being able to control the water like this is very important because otherwise the water will simply follow the path of least resistance and run down the hill, taking out plants and shrubs without discrimination along with it.

French Drain Uses

There are a few different major uses for a French drain. Putting one around your house will stop water from getting into the basement, or putting it next to a retaining wall will stop water damage from washing away your wall along with your garden or yard. Not only can a French drain protect your land, it can also become a beautiful part of the landscaping as well. A good landscaping team can use the drain to build into the dynamic of the land.

How It Works

Essentially what a French drain does is collect water from around it and lead the water in any direction you like. It is placed in a trench filled with gravel. Inside of this gravel the perforated pipe is placed, which water can seep into. The gravel helps to filter the water in, without letting too much dirt or debris come through into the pipe as well. You can then lead this around the edges of your retaining walls, house, or garden and send it to a safe spot. Some people like to cover the trench up afterwards, but having a line of graven around a wall or garden can actually serve to add character to your yard, so many opt to leave it as is.

Would It Work for Me?

To find out if your yard could benefit from a French drain, there are a few simple steps you can take to figure it out. First off, French drains are best used to redirect water first, and for decoration second. They are only necessary if your yard or home is suffering from water damage. This would look like water seeping into your basement or your garden or other parts of your yard continually getting washed out each time that it rains. If you do have these problems, a French drain might be the perfect solution. Think of it like a gutter for your yard. It serves to catch that overflow of water and send it to somewhere where it can’t do damage to your lawn or home.

If you think you may need a French drain, just give us a call. We are always happy to help, and we can come take a look at your lawn to advise you on what steps need to be taken next.