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Landscape edging is a landscape design basic. Edging your landscape increases the visual perception of separation between your yard and home. You can edge your landscaping around car parking curbs, mowed edges, and playground areas, providing a sophisticated and well-organized appearance.

You can choose a bright color for your edging for an eclectic look, or go for earth-toned edging for a seamless transition. You may also want to take into account the colors of flowers in your garden before deciding on edging. Also keep in mind the texture of the edging for a perfect blend between separation lines. You can choose between course, medium, or fine edging textures.

Edging Options

A few of the products available for landscape edging are metal edgings, plastic edgings in different colors, bricks, pavers, railroad ties, wood, and wood timber, to name a few. A custom-fit concrete border as the edging around your trees and flowers beds also provides a sophisticated and eye catching look. There are upsides and downsides to all of the edging materials. For example, concrete edging outlasts metal, wood, and plastic edging, while it can be more difficult to customize it to the curves and contours of your specific outdoor space. It is also one of the more modern landscape edging designs, making it both practical and trendy.

Advantages of Landscape Edging

Landscape edging allows for a definite line following your landscape design. It draws your eye to follow along the curves of your yard, creating intended focal points as well as visual pathways. Edging adds flow to your yard or garden, taking your landscaping from being merely a yard to a work of art. You can customize the edging shapes and lines, deciding for yourself whether you want a wide-open, outlined space, or a design of multiple sub sections and gardens. If you wish to replicate the style of French or British garden design, edging is a must. “Form follows function” applies to your yard, therefore you must determine what the space truly is to you. Feel free to be creative.

Another upside to adding landscape edging is the decreased need to constantly trim your edges. The edging will do the work for you, creating a well-defined and clean looking space. If you own a business or public space with landscaping, keep in mind that edging can be used to direct foot traffic, adding a sense of ease and professionalism to your customers.

It is not advised to attempt a DIY project with your landscape edging. A landscape professional’s design expertise can recommended the best edging material for your yard, as well as a customized design that will achieve your landscaping dreams. Whether you prefer a simple outline or a complex series of flow and structure, landscape edging is a simple solution with dramatic effects.

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