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If your home or business has been suffering from excessive water on the property, you could be dealing with serious damages in the future. Excessive water can travel all over your yard, from tiny areas of crawl space to large areas such as a basement. Your property can suffer from soil erosion, and for this reason, hiring a landscape expert is a great idea, especially when that expert has services that include dealing with proper drainage systems. Here at Mike Riley’s Landscaping, we can fix your water problem and prevent damage from taking place in the future. One of our landscape professionals can oversee the damage and evaluate the structure and design of your property, providing you with a solution based on your budget.

Potential Damage

Soil imparts a significant amount of pressure on basement walls when they are saturated with runoff water, and this can lead to collapses, cracking, and other structures. A well-working drainage system will control runoff water that is ground level, and it will prevent the water from seeping lower into a basement. It is important to take into account that 1,000 square feet of tree root that only contains an inch of water equals to 625 gallons of water that needs to move elsewhere.

These are some results of damage that can come from a less-than-adequate drainage system: cracking foundation, extensive erosion, waterlogged gardens, ruined mulch, damaged lawns, puddles on the property, basement leaks, mosquitos and other pests, mildew, and mold.

Drainage Options

A few options that may be available to you include surface drains, French drains, sump pits, and pumps. People often get a draining solution because their current one has been down on the job and unable to prevent extensive property damage. You may have standing water on your property or flowerbeds, and you may have downspouts or sump lines that continuously gush water with every heavy rainfall.

A French drain is a great way to manage excess water without being an eye sore in your yard. A French drain is basically a perforated drainage pipe that is wrapped in landscape fabric. This fabric can allow water to move into the pipe and be pushed away, although roots and soil cannot pass into or through the pipe.

Surface drains control the surface water on top your yard caused from rainfall, irrigation, snowmelt, and hillside seeps. As gravity is the primary force driving this type of drainage method, it involves shaping the ground level land in a continuous downhill slope to provide passage for the surface water. This method of system requires a more extreme adjustment to the land’s slope than French drains, making those the more popular choice.

These are a few key facts to remember about the importance of having a drainage system for your home or business. A proper working drainage system can prevent damage caused by excessive water coming to your property as well as any landscaping design that has already taken place. To learn more or speak with us regarding your lawn and landscaping needs, contact Mike Riley’s Landscaping today.