Sloping Property: 5 Solutions to Enhance Texas LandscapingContact for a Free Quote

You might love the property your home is built on, but if the landscaping has areas that slope, it can be difficult to find the right design to make the most of your yard. There’s no reason to let these trouble spots go unattended though. You actually have a lot of options when it comes to the look of your landscape. Here are some positive solutions to enhance the look of your sloping Texas landscaping.

Retaining Rock Wall

Your local Texas landscaping company offers a lot of design ideas to capture the look you want. A retaining rock wall is one of the best solutions to a sloping property. It is elegant and beautiful to look at, as well as extremely durable. Plus, it adds a great deal of value to your home! Talk to Mike Riley’s Landscaping about the different varieties of stone you can choose from and which ones will compliment the look of your home the best.


You can add terraces to gradually make your way up and down the slope. Using different stones will also give your Texas landscaping an attractive look. If you want extra seating areas, you can make the terraces wide enough to be able to support benches and chairs. Add extra accents by placing fun and colorful planting pots on the different levels. Once you add a few of these features, you’ll be able to enjoy the unique qualities of your lawn.

Local Flowers and Plants

Add local plants and flowers to anchor the ground and add pleasing colors to your landscape. Some plants actually thrive in sloped areas and prefer to be planted in that setting. Talk to an experienced Texas landscaping company about your options and what would be the most impressive additions to your lawn. If you enjoy gardening, you can use the retaining walls to close in areas that you want to plant vegetables or add flowers gardens. These solid plant beds will help make gardening more manageable and give you a place to let your green thumb shine.


You can provide a nice seating area at the base of your slope by incorporating a flagstone patio into your design. Start with a gravel base and then place the stones with a little bit of room in between them, covering the desired amount of space. This will give water a place to go when it rains, so you won’t have a pond at the lowest part of your landscape. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to make this part of your lawn as private or open as you desire.

Professional Landscape Services

If you have tried everything to make the slope on your property look beautiful or be a practical use of space, but haven’t liked the results, then contact Mike Riley’s Landscaping. We can provide you with design ideas and solutions to the problems you’re having. Where some people may see a flaw in your Texas landscaping because of the slope, we see an opportunity to give you the most elegant and unique lawn that will improve the value of your home.