Stonework and Landscaping: 3 Ways to Add Interest to Your TX HomeContact for a Free Quote

Adding stonework to the landscaping in your TX yard can be an easy way to add a designer’s touch and convenience through easy navigation. Whether you’re a master gardener or an amateur planter, adding a stone pathway can create flow through your outdoor space, leading visitors on a carefully-planned design journey that showcases certain focal points. Stonework is a sophisticated detail that can elevate the overall appearance of your entire yard.  Here are 3 ways a professional landscaping company in TX can add stonework to your outdoor space.

Patio, Walkway, or Pool Deck

Stonework can be the most striking way to incorporate walkways and foot traffic through your TX yard. Light colored stone is a desirable choice for many people because of the fact that it absorbs less sunlight and is not as hot on bare feet. Stonework is a natural design that can integrate seamlessly and easily into any outdoor space. Hardscape landscaping looks just as beautiful as the stonework or tiles inside of your home but requires less maintenance since it isn’t necessary to keep polished and smooth. Take into account the color of your home, as well as the overall theme of your flower garden, if you have one, when deciding upon the color of your stone addition.

Stone Driveway

Stonework can be far more aesthetically pleasing than asphalt for your driveway, and you won’t burn your feet as often since you can choose colors much lighter than the typical black. Cobblestones are a lovely material to use for a hardscape driveway, and they can increase the curb appeal of your TX home. Cobblestones are, however, more costly and require more physical labor when cleaning the driveway, although if you’d like to add value to your home and make it stand out from the rest, a stonework driveway can be the perfect touch. A professional landscaping company can help you choose the right material that best suits your personal style and budget.

Retaining Wall

A stone wall can be used in many different ways in your landscaping. A retaining wall made from stonework can be an elegant way to separate the different components of your yard, such as the driveway, walkways, and stonework patios. A stone wall can also act as a privacy barrier between your home and the other houses and/or the road. Instead of putting up a wooden fence that can rot, deteriorate, and become sun-bleached, a stone retaining wall can provide the same practical purpose and look much more aesthetically pleasing.

The options for using stonework in your landscaping are limitless, and with the help of a professional landscaping company in TX, you can decide upon the design aesthetics, colors, and configuration that best suits your style and budget. Think about how stonework can work for your yard, whether you have a pool that you’d like to be paved around, an intricate flow of garden and flowers you’d like to be structured with walkways, or more privacy with a retaining wall. Mike Riley’s Landscaping in TX can recommend the perfect type of stone and color that flows seamlessly with your home.