Highland Park Texas-Landscape

We created a courtyard garden at this Highland Park Landscape.  Our  clients wanted a relaxing retreat to enjoy their surroundings and a place to entertain family and guest.   There is a beautiful water feature surrounded by ferns, dwarf gardenia, and a japanese maple with a flagstone walkway to get there.  Once there, sit on the stone bench and listen to the gurgling water.   We installed a architectural statue surrounded by St. Augustine grass.   St. Augustine is a shade tolerant turf used in any true Highland Park Landscape. The soil is different from most north texas lawns. Ironite and fertilizer were applied to the ground before sod installation. In some applications compost could be added to the topsoil rather than fertilizer. We installed a cedar fence along the back yard and a Wrought iron fence on the side so their view would not be impeded.  Using cedar fencing is a great choice because besides being downright beautiful with a rich grain, texture, and color that blends well into your natural surroundings it is also inherently resistant to moisture damage that is unmatched by any other lumber choice.  There is less than half the swelling and shrinking tendency than that of other lesser soft wood.  It does not warp, shrink, or check (split) and with cedar it stays straight, retains fasteners, and provides a firm base for paints and stains.  Maintenance is minimized for real long-term saving.

The client needed a low maintenance landscape so thick layers of mulch to keep weeds down were applied. Cedar mulch smells good and repels insects as does the fence. Hardwood is another type we use in areas but doesn’t repel insects. Cedar mulch has a reddish brown color and contains cedar oil which protects the longevity and discourages the insect problem. This Highland Park Landscape has all the touches a luxury landscape should have.

Landscape in The Shores – Rockwall Texas

We recently installed a new landscape in The Shores – Rockwall Texas. The Shores is a neighborhood full of families both young and old that overlooks Lake Ray Hubbard on the north side of Lakeview Parkway. Most landscapes were done in the 1990’s when the neighborhood was built but most are now overgrown shrubs and lacking color. The client is a high profile fashion designer so she wanted a lot of color and textural elements. Her favorite tree was a Crepe Mytle but she wanted to plant them around a pool which is a messy tree for a pool. We convinced her the front yard would be a better location and put Little Gem Magnolias around her pool instead. Because halloween is around the corner we installed pansies at her door entrance for color. Nothing gives winter and fall color like pansies. We created accent areas for color to accentuate the trees and shrubs. The client wanted a lot of contrast in the shapes and sizes of the plants so we used a combination of round shaped shrubs with vertical grasses and low and spreading ground cover. The bark mulch we used was a dark brown to complement the plethora of greens in the landscape. Landscape in the Shores are reviewed by the Architectural committee in Rockwall Texas. We had no problems getting this design approved but it is necessary before starting any work. Our client was very happy and the job took two weeks to complete. Next on her agenda is a Patio and Outdoor kitchen. We will probably do a flagstone patio with some stainless cabinets and an outdoor grill and refrigerator . A sink and water will need to be plumbed to code. This is a great way to increase the value of a home for resale. A great Landscape in the Shores- Rockwall Texas was a great project to be a part of.