Dallas Driveway

We did a circular Dallas Driveway in North Dallas recently. The project looked at first like a one month job with 2500 square feet of Asphalt to broken out and hauled off. Usually there is 4 inches of Asphalt at most and it is easy to remove. It would usually take 12 days to remove this by jackhammer or 2 with a bobcat. There was only one problem or rather 6 of them. 40 year old Red Oaks that are some of the best looking in Dallas today. Just losing one of them would be catastrophic to the look of the house and probably devalue the property by 6 figures( I don’t even want to speculate how much). What we found was 5 layers of Asphalt which I guess means it was overlaid 4 times. It took over a month and three weeks just to remove and haul it off totaling 1200 man hours. A custom Belgard paver with multicoloring was installed on top of a recycled concrete base and manufactured sand top. This was definitely a complex project and it was expanded to 3700 square feet because of all the curves and concrete stairs leading to the entry door. It is a truly beautiful Dallas Driveway.  One of the unique things about this that I never thought about until I saw it this fall is when the leaves fall on it the colors of the Red Oak contrast the driveway well. It reminds me of a postcard you might see on the North East coast such as Vermont or New Hampshire.  More pictures will follow as the pavers age and turn their final color. I was impressed at the levelness of the pavers considering how many different shapes and joints there are. We hope to further landscape the Residence to accent this Dallas Driveway when the weather is colder and larger plant material can be transplanted to frame the house with understory trees.