Garland Texas Patio

In Garland a permit usually is involved in an Outdoor kitchen because of the plumbing involved. Water and gas lines must be considered first in the planning process. Direction of wind around grill and burners must be considered also. Countertops should have a 4 to 6 inch backsplash to shield the flame. This Garland Texas Patio has a covered roof and an Outdoor Kitchen made for a chef. In Garland there is a grill going in almost every yard every weekend but having a 5 star kitchen is not common for the area. Garland Texas is a town full of proud working people who like to enjoy the time off from work and grilling is a big part of the culture. Brisket, Ribs,smoked chicken, and Steak are all staples of the Garland community. Patios are also a big deal in Garland probably more than Plano or University Park because there are crowds outside all day not just parties.This Garland Texas Patio has hosted over 200 people in just the two months it has been finished. The lights and ceiling fan kept it open late at night during the get togethers keeping it cool and inviting. The Patio holds a big table and chairs with an outdoor rug sometimes using candles on the table for a softer more intimate light and fragrance. I find that the Lampe Berger flame burners do a better job than candles though. An outdoor mini theater is sometimes set up to watch movies and the patio is cleared and chairs are set up theater style. Fajitas were served and a dance was held on the patio after the film. I thought it was interesting that the dj set up behind the grill and countertop we built with his custom lights. I got the idea that more people should have wedding receptions on the Patio with an Outdoor Kitchen as they would spend the same amount on building it rather than renting some where commercial. This Garland Texas Patio is truly a gem.