How to Landscape your yard

4 Steps to Bring Personality to Your Landscaping


At Mike Riley’s Landscaping, we know how important it is for both homeowners and business owners to be able to put their personality into everything that they have and do. One way to get your personality out there is to redo your landscaping. A landscaping project can help you to redefine, or at least update, your landscaping in such a way that it emphasizes who you are.


1.) Pick a Theme

By picking a theme to use throughout the entire landscaping project, you’ll make it easier on yourself to pick and choose other elements, additions, and alterations to put into the project. In addition, onlookers will be able to connect more readily with your new landscape if they can pick up on the theme, even if it’s subtle.


2.) Choose Your Colors

What are your favorite colors? What colors complement one another? Do a few colors compliment the theme you chose? Simply looking at a color wheel or even browsing online images of other landscaping projects can help you pick and choose a couple of colors that you want to use. Once you’ve selected your colors, start looking for ways to include them into your landscape. Start with flowers and plants, as this is one of the easiest ways to add color. After that, start considering new pavement and walkways, furniture, and other ways to accessorize the landscaping.


3.) Select Complimenting Decor

Once you have a theme and your colors chosen, you can start to pick out decor items and furniture to include in your new landscaping. Ask yourself what kind of decor items you can add to the landscaping that falls in line with your theme and chosen colors? What kind of furniture would you like to use? Consider lighting, seating arrangements, fire pits, tables, outdoor kitchens, arches, and more.


4.) Create an Environment

Once you’ve chosen your theme, your colors, and some decor and furniture to add, you can begin to draw it all together. If you haven’t already, it’s best to call in the aid of professional landscapers. They have the expertise and knowledge to take your ambitious ideas and bring them to life in a flawless manner. Although it is possible to do a landscaping project on your own, you may not have the necessary tools or manpower to do it in a timely fashion.


With your theme, colors, and decor, you can start to reshape the lawn and space around your home or business. Think about what kind of purposes you want it to fulfill. Do you want your landscaping to be used as a functional gathering place or do you want to keep it simple? Deciding what you want your landscaping to do will help to narrow down the work ahead of you.


If you have any questions about landscaping or how you can take your landscaping idea from dream to reality, give us a call today at Mike Riley’s Landscaping. We’re committed to providing you with a flawless landscaping project in a timely fashion. We’ll work with you to understand exactly what you want to accomplish so that we can take that idea and reshape your landscape to your perfect vision.