Lake Highlands Drainage Project in Dallas, Texas

Mike Riley’s Landscaping did a drainage system for a customer in the Lake Highlands area in Dallas, Texas recently.  He was having trouble with standing water in yard near his patio.  He had been having problems with the standing water ever since he purchased his home.  He called us to see if we did drainage systems and wanted us to give him an evaluation of what should be done.  We made an appointment with him to see what the problem was.

We took him to see some other drainage jobs that we had done in the Lake Highlands area in Dallas, Texas.  We showed him how the drainage system  had eleviated the problem for the other homeowners.  Once we gave him our evaluation, he decided to hire us to do the job for him.  We installed a French Drain in his backyard to counteract the standing water problem.

The homeowner in Lake Highlands in Dallas, Texas, was so pleased with the work that we had done he recommended us to a neighbor who had the same problem with standing water.