Strong Cedar Fence in Dallas Texas

We did a Strong cedar fence in Dallas Texas around a swimming pool. The former fence was fairly new but was not built strong enough. The post were only eighteen inches in the ground and only half a bag of concrete was holding them.The old rails were made from two by threes instead of four inch rails.The Pickets we removed were Chinese cedar which is not a true cedar. We only use Western Red Cedar as it last the best and longest. The post were landscape timbers so we used steel post with steel clamps.

The most important thing to do to build a strong cedar fence in Dallas Texas is bury the post three feet in the ground so they never move. If doing this in a wet area it might need to be deeper than that. If its in water a pile driver or  other equipment might be necessary to properly set the post. On this job we used full two by four inch rough cedar rails. I personally think the smooth two by three and a half inch rails are stronger because it is a harder wood but they are not as rustic looking.

I like to think that a strong Cedar Fence in Dallas Texas will be a pretty fence also. One by six pickets stacked board on board with a two by eight cap and decorative trim were stained with a dark brown stain. The fence came out beautiful and the family loves the look. The privacy they now have makes them comfortable and secure in the back yard  to enjoy the plants and patio they spend so much time on. The fence is so strong that even in a 60 mile per hour storm it didn’t move a bit. With winds like that you have to make sure it ets built right.