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Things to Consider When Landscaping Dallas Homes

It is tempting to just jump right in to landscaping your own house. Regardless of if you just bought a new property, or if you have been living there for a while but never had the time or interest to redesign your yard, you have probably had one or two amazing ideas about how you would start the project. Before diving in, it is highly recommended that you consider a few things as you start to plan your landscaping. Dallas has many beautiful landscapes that you may wish to mimic in your landscaping design, but how would you know if a certain design will work for your house? Contact the professionals at Mike Rileys Landscaping to learn how to have your yard as beautiful and as thriving as possible. Here are some of the things we look at when designing your homes landscaping plan.

Observe Sun and Wind Patterns
If a landscaping plan is going to work, the surroundings must be noticed and taken into account. Learning where sunlight hits the yard and which way the wind blows will definitely be beneficial in planning and designing your landscaping. Dallas can be rainy even though the sun shines, and summers are blazing hot. Warm, dry wind blows from the north and west in the summer bringing the hot temperatures. Knowing all these things can help us plan where to place your patio, certain plants, or other focal points when landscaping Dallas homes.

Identify Your Needs and Wants
It is easy to get lost with all the ideas that run in your head when planning. Having a list of your needs and wants can help your project stay organized. Do you have kids and would like an open space for them to play? Do you usually host parties or gatherings and want a patio? Or do you want to see lots of plants and be able to walk around your yard like a maze? Whether you have a specific idea of not, we can help design, plan, and implement an incredible landscape at your home.

Have a Focal Point
One thing you should not forget when planning is your focal point. This is where you would like the attention to be drawn. This can be a sculpture, a fountain, a tall tree, or practically anything else. This can help you achieve a pulled-together look. Also, coming up with a theme can help you identify a good focal point to start with, and just the same, coming up with a focal point might lead you to a great theme or landscaping plan. Think about showcasing what you are proud of and who you are in your landscaping. Dallas is well known for cowboys, farming, jazz and blues, the arts, and being a melting pot of people, customs, and food. Maybe you want to highlight one of those characteristics in your landscaping design. If so, Mike Rileys Landscaping is ready to be of service.

Our professionals are passionate and excited about landscaping, and we want to pass that passion and fun on to you! Landscaping is a fun process and we are ready and willing to get started on your landscaping project today, no matter how big or small it may be. Contact the landscaping experts at Mike Rileys Landscaping by filling out our contact form today or visit us at 10440 N. Central Expwy Suite 800, Dallas, Texas 75231.

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