What are French Drains and How Can They Help Your Property

French Drain - Mike Riley's Landscaping

French Drains carry water from one spot to another lower spot. On most lawns in new construction proper grading and compaction are almost never performed. Even if properly done time has a way of causing drainage problems from rain , heavy equipment , tree roots, and people can create the need for French Drains.

The first thing to do is assess where the low spots are and where to carry the water to and how it will exit the French Drain. Next can a trench be dug to accomodate the path between the two points. If not a bilge pump may be needed. If no problems then dig a trench as deep as needed between the points and at least 8 inches wide. Black fabric should be laid in trench and two inches of gravel. Perforated pipe should be laid on gravel sloping towards the exit point. Cover the pipe with fabric and backfill wiith gravel. Sod and soil can cover gravel.