How to Protect Your Plants from a Freeze

How to protect your plants from a freeze . There are many things you can do to protect your plants from a freeze here in North Texas. Putting a thick bed of mulch is the best option which insulates the roots. Some plants need to freeze the plant itself so it will come back the next year. Hostas or ferns would be a good example of this. Palm trees would be an example of a plant you wouldn’t want to let freeze. Wrapping it in an insulated blanket would be one option but i have seen tarps, plastic, and burlap all used with success. If there are plants low to the ground putting a plastic bag over each plant and tying it or using a rubber band works also. Potted plants should just be taken inside until the freeze is over or stored in a greenhouse. How to protect your plants from a freeze is to build a cheap hothouse ¬†with clear plastic and some 2 by 4 ‘s. Simply build a box large enough to fill your potted plants and build a frame using screws rather than nails as this makes movement less of an issue. Don’t forget to build a door or have room to lift the box off when you want to water them. Many have built this type of box before forgetting how to access the plants later. Duct tape on the plastic is easy but doesn’t look very good. Staples work but run the risk of tearing the plastic which isn’t good. A light inside is a good idea if in a garage or non climate controlled to provide warmth. Heaters aren’t advisable in the box but rather the room the box is in. Remember that plants in the outdoor landscape usually freeze every year and that is part of natures plan. A good middle number fertilizer promote strong root growth which is the key to a good healthy plant.How to protect your plants from a freeze has been brought to you by Mike Riley.