How to put custom touches to a Landscape

How to put custom touches to a Landscape. One put a stone border around a flower bed to fit the nature of the bed. If it has an English wildflower feel to it use a small cottage stone thats cobbled on the corners. By contrast if the bed has a desert southwestern feel to it use a dry rough rock that has jagged edges. If a formal symmetrical garden use a smooth formed stone that will be consistent throughout. Two use designer color mulches in mosaics for an energetic flow and feel. Curves come in handy and will be striking from afar. Three put water in the garden such as a water pot that creates movement and interest among the plants. The sound of water is relaxing and calms the viewer. How to put custom touches to a Landscape fourth way is to put sculpture in the garden to make focal points to draw the eye to. Fifth is to remember to repeat forms in the yard such as curves in the architecture. Sixth is to add boulders in the beds instead of all plants to create the shape of a plant. Seventh is to use river pebbles to make a dry stream in the center with a sweeping curve eliminating weeds and maintenance. Eighth is to put address plates in the bed near the front of the driveway so to identify the house. Nineth is to use custom lighting to highlight the trees. Tenth is to put flowers in the corners of sidewalks and patios to create accent points. These give color and break up areas creating an inviting feel.How to put custom touches to a Landscape has been brought to you by Mike Riley. Every week we post a new post and next weeks will be on Halloween.